Finance Department

Finance Department


Finance Division is an agency under the Office of the University.


Finance is responsible for supervision. Screening and Management About to get a revenue retention and revenue management. Budget Management The proposed regulations and proposed regulations regarding the declaration and payment of the income of the University. Including counseling Response to discuss the procedures for calling or receiving money. And disbursement of the proceeds of the university. And other services

1. The University received proceeds of all types

  • Government Grants
  • The tuition fees
  • Income
  • Benefits of Property Management.
  • Donation
  • Deposits
  • Income from other students of the various universities under the University or external agencies, universities, companies and government official guest.
  • Counting cash, checks made payable to the bill that is correct, complete with books delivered or by invoice.
  • Issue receipts As proof of receipt of funds.
  • The proceeds banks.
  • Daily Balance report presented to the executive every day.

    2. Disbursed proceeds of the university

    Job Salary and Benefits The personnel responsible for the operation classified a total of 7 people. 

  • Include
  • Disbursement of annual budget
  • Disbursement of money income.
  • Disbursement of scholarship funds.
  • Deposits
  • Research grants
  • Loans to fund their university studies. 

By checking the authenticity of the documents in substantially disbursed (for the debt) is correct adjustments. Agencies, programs and funds for expenditure. Approved disbursement Evidence warrants the payout amount. 
That is required by law, regulations and other relevant regulations. To endorse a check payable to creditors next.

    3. Budget Unit

    Is responsible for the following:

  • Responsible for the proposal to approve disbursement of the proceeds of the university.
  • Approval of transfer income
  • Approval of the budget income. The allocation of student fees According to the declaration / regulations / laws / regulations involved. To present the President's approval or order. To present to the executive order.
    Tracking operation As soon matter from various agencies.

    3. The advance loan of the University

    Are as follows:

  • Responsible for the approval of loan advances.
  • The governor sent the refund loan advances.
  • Storage contract to loan money advance.
  • Monitoring and alerting loan arrears. Of all segments to follow. Post University Advance payment of money borrowed University.

    Supervisor of Finance Demartment

    Mr.Wichai Thanadka

    Duty: Manage overall division staffs and responsibilities under Finance Department

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