Financial Information System Development Department

Financial Information System Development Department


Financial Information System Development Department is the agency under Division. Office of the University


Responsible for financial and accounting systems, budget package should have been funded by the criteria - payable 3D appearance, which is implemented as a tool in the Oracle Applications practice which has the following sub-systems.

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable system
  • Accounts Receivable system
  • Purchase System
  • Inventory system
  • Fixed assets system
  • Cash management system
  • Financial analysis systems

    Staffing and Responsibilities

    Inventory management system is developed. 10 university staff who work to divide people into two types of systems engineers will oversee three people. Technical problems Accounting officer and 6 men will take care of the problem of sub-systems.

    Current CMU has changed to the Autonomous University of the State. Has been allocated in the general subsidies (Block Grant), which must be adjusted so that the system can monitor and report on the whole of the University.
    Therefore, developing administration has improved the Oracle Financial and Oracle Database, which is used as a tool in the management of the University financial accounting system. Purchasing and Inventory Systems For each segment, and the Within the University since the year 2545 to the present. To support their operations, finance and procurement, including recording transactions and financial statements of each business unit. And use the information in the administration of the university in various fields. And increase performance even further.

    Current systems and database systems, Oracle Financial Version R11.5.5 Oracle Database Version R8i was used as the main system in all segments. Without further improvements that have been installed since 2545 as manufacturers have developed new Version R12 Oracle Financial systems and database systems with Oracle Database Version 11g. more capable And announced cancellation of support services solutions for Oracle Financial Version is outdated. Including the Oracle Financial Version R11.5.5 active with the University. Thereby affecting the use of the system. If a problem occurs in both normal and severe. Will not help in resolving the issue. This will make an impact and damage to the administration of the University. And can further improve the system further. And can not be connected to other programs. A more modern and efficient.

    So when considering the use of Oracle Financial system is the main system to be efficient and cost effective in the long run. University intends to improve Oracle Financial and Oracle Database to Version current and updated some process changes. After adjustment of status as an autonomous university. To accommodate the increased workload.

    The Main Tasks

  • System Administration (SYSTEM ADMIN).
  • Inventory system administrator (INVADMIN).
  • Administration and Finance (AR ADMIN).
  • Administration Procurement (PO ADMIN).
  • System Administration General Ledger (GL ADMIN).
  • Administration Financial expenses (AP ADMIN).
  • Administration of Fixed Assets (FA ADMIN).
  • The University's financial report overview.
  • Installation of a new book for faculty / agencies need to Sign Up 3D.

    For the financial report
  • Preparation of financial information For the import of the Management Information System (MIS) of the University.
  • Preparation of financial reports, in an overview of the university.
  • Use accounting solution for 3D technical everything (whether it be about your own 3D User or System Network).
  • The program supports the development of applications.
  • Develop reports to connect with the 3D data to report to the Board of various organizations.
  • Technical solution to the system administrator.
  • Site preparation of MIS Division.
  • Site preparation for the FIS OOP agencies to view and process the 3D system and load the file. Or data from 3D.
  • Problems associated with the use of computer applications to the Division.
  • Perform system backups 3D Financial System Server Server Fis oop.
  • Study and development of 3D applications in a modern way and with the use of the University.

    Contact Procurement Department

    Call (053) 943136-37,053-943128

    Head of Financial Information System Development Department

    Mrs. Chutarat Duangrit

    Dury: Manage overall staffs and responsibilities

    Staff Information

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