Salary and Benefit Department

Salary and Benefit Department


Job Salary and Benefits The agencies under Division Office of the University Reporting to the Vice President for Planning. Financial and Asset Management


Duties and responsibilities, salary and benefits are about spending the earth. 

In terms of salaries Wages of permanent workers and temporary employees. Salary and wage employees Management emoluments Academic emoluments The monthly Pts money bonus money. Funds Pchc. Paid funeral expenses, gratuities, pensions, welfare payments, including the disbursement of funds and to remit Pension Fund (GPF) and to remit the funds disbursed. social security Disbursement and deposit accumulated employee contributions to the university. Disbursed and remit fund employees (Ksh.) processes under laws, regulations, policies and directives of the University. Services to executives University staff Including pensioners Pension recipients And the general public Using the method of budget financing and fund accounting system, the threshold should have been - payable 3D looks primarily to compliance. A systematic review of the auditors. External auditor Office of the Auditor General and Regional District 5, which can be checked and referenced in all cases.

Other reponsibilities

Meeting planned to discuss the disbursement of salaries, wages and emoluments inside, along with the various tasks to be set on the basis of the laws, regulations and policies of the University.
Consultation and answer any questions for staff. And those interested in the process of disbursement of laws and regulations of the university-based practice.
Analysis of legal regulations concerning the disbursement. To discuss legal entities legislation if there is any doubt in practice. Or to comply with legal inconsistencies. When you get a clear answer, so it will let all the workers know and comply accordingly.

Preparation of reports to executives in the event of operational problems and ways to solve problems, to seek approval and order.
Analyze operational problems, either due to operational processes. Worker Regulations To find solutions The maximum client satisfaction.

Subordinate personnel, salary and welfare

Job Salary and Benefits The personnel responsible for the operation classified a total of 7 people. 

  • 3 Commissioner 

  • 3 University employees

  • 1 Temporary employees

    Main functions

  • Disbursement of salaries and employees 

  • Disbursement wages

  • Disbursement of salary Segment 1 person. 

  • The disbursement of funds and approval for disbursement of pension and second. 

  • Disbursed welfare 1 person

    1. The disbursement of salaries and wages

  • Disbursement of salaries 

  • Disbursement of salary 

  • Disbursement wages employees 

  • Disbursement wages of permanent workers. 

  • Disbursement wages, temporary employees. 

  • Disburse emoluments 

  • Disbursement and delivery of GPF money 

  • Disbursement and delivery of social security payments. 

  • Disbursement and deposit accumulated employee contributions. 

  • And disbursed to pay Ksh. 

  • Disbursement bonus 

  • Disbursed monthly 

  • Disbursement help with the funeral. 

  • Disbursement Pts. 

  • Pchc disbursement.
  • Disbursement of prize money Of management and personnel 

  • Officials and employees regularly issued. 

    2. Pension disbursement

  • Prepare and review documents, obtain pension pension pension living relic.
  • Record the pension withdrawal. Gratuity and pension living systems entail E-Pension through Internet Explore (IE).
  • Preparation of reports and request payment pension pension issues devolved to District 5 and Comptroller.
  • Diagnosing problems caused by an invalid request. The key data in E-Pension through the Internet Explore (IE).
  • Disbursement of pension systems via E-Pension InternetExplore (IE).
  • Disbursement of pension systems via E-Pension InternetExplore (IE).
  • Disbursement of pension living systems via E-Pension InternetExplore (IE).
  • Disbursed through the funeral pensioners GFMIS.
  • Letter of intent to collect evidence Identify the legacy pension
  • A notice of a right to receive a pension.
  • Issued to pay pensions. The cost of living pension funds last.
  • The details Srh. 2 -8 the Comptroller.
  • Issued pensioners
  • Disbursement of government employees and recipients of medical cosmetic specialist.
  • Tuition disbursement of government employees and pensioners.
  • Monitoring deductions welfare.
  • Oversee the welfare

    Supervisor of Salary and Benefit Demartment

    Mr.Saiyant Rangsan

    Duty: Manage overall division staffs and responsibilities under Salary and Benefit Department

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