Procurement Department

Procurement Department


Procurement Department is the agency under Division. Office of the University

Obligations of the parcel Responsibilities

Is responsible for the implementation of the procurement. To meet the needs and practices of the agencies under the Office of Personnel Management University, including midfielder Division Division Division of Student Development. International Relations Division Premises and Facilities Division Office of Internal Audit Offices, dormitories, etc., as well as work as a utility for centralized procurement of the university. Including monitoring action on the parcel. Of the Administration, Chiang Mai University. To comply with regulations and to meet the policy and administration of the University, for maximum performance.

Staffing and Responsibilities

Staffing Division supplies totaled 11 people, with the responsibility about the parcel from the start to finish process on the parcel in question.

  • Procurement Plan Once approved budget
  • Procurement to meet the needs of the withdrawal. Segment, including the Office of the University. Sector and the university sector budget support, including 26 buildings and infrastructure at the central of Chiang Mai University. By considering the need / demand applications. In prioritize as necessary and appropriate.
  • Check the specific features / forms / details.
  • Consider how to supply the provisions of University regulations 2551 and amended and completed. Process and the contractor / vendor or procurement action by the preparation itself.
  • The agreement or contract
  • Control and contract performance
  • The case, it is necessary to modify the agreement was required by regulations.
  • Inspection
  • Delivering Users
  • Check for defects during the warranty.
  • Performed after termination or the counterparty to deliver the parcel to complete the contract.
  • Check for defects of the parcel. Agreements and collateral Parties
  • When the supply until inventory. To the process control and storage supplies supply supply unit has performed successfully. To reimbursement paid to each The filing of control materials and equipment. Registration of fixed assets Depreciable Assets Including lending package for use in the government.
  • Check the pay package Annual Report of the Board of the agency.
  • Parcel sold the parcel is damaged or degraded or lost.
  • Audit reports and donated the parcel of agencies and institutions as well as the projects surveyed parcel to the provision of additional financing to complete the registration and the registration of the vehicle.
  • Check on the amount exceeding 50 million baht parcel of the job, Chiang Mai University. Or if the work
  • The practical problems about the parcel. Including informing the leave.
  • Response to discuss how to comply with the parcel. Of segments in the CMU
  • Check the exemption of import duties, request for imported supplies. , And the other comes from the segment in the CMU.
  • Perform other duties Assigned by the University In ceremonies University events or activities with external organizations such as the various traditions. Graduation Ceremony for the

    Contact Procurement Department

    Call (053) 943136-37,053-943128

    Head of Procurement Department

    Ms Sunisa Teetranont

    Dury: Manage overall staffs and responsibilities

    Staff Information

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